Accidental Full Auto on a Glock

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Accidental Full Auto on a Glock

Postby Sebastian777 » Wed Mar 16, 2016 6:32 pm

So I did a "25 cent trigger job" (polishing the trigger components) on my Glock 34 today and accidentally made it go full auto.
After reassembly, I dry fired it a few times, and the trigger seemed stiff right before the break. I figured it was in my head, loaded a mag, and test fired it. A few rounds in, it fired off 3 shots in full auto. Did this 2-3 times on a 17 rd mag. Put another mag in only to get the same results. 2-3 full auto shots. While it was exciting, I was bit nervous about obvious legal implications as well as wondering what the hell I did to make it do that. I was wondering if my polishing went a bit too far. So I disassembled the gun and planned on taking it to my LGS after work tomorrow to see what he could tell me. I did notice the safety plunger was a bit stiff when pushing on it.

Being the impatient type, I start searching online to see if anyone else had this problem, sure enough, I found someone who had the same problem and what turned out to be the same root cause. The safety spring on the bottom of the plunger fell out during assembly and was laying sideways down inside the hole under the plunger. I used a needle to pry it out, properly reassembled the gun and it works as normal now. Trigger feels better too.

Just wanted to post this for anyone that might run into the same problem. It's definitely something I will be paying close attention to anytime I reassemble for now on.

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Re: Accidental Full Auto on a Glock

Postby jeffhughes » Thu Mar 17, 2016 9:20 am

I've seen it happen at a match. The shooter is a grand master, but even he's not that fast. He finished the match with his carry gun and still did quite well.

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